Sedley Training Systems
(STS)  is a results oriented fitness and sports performance training program that integrates the latest applications of strength training, functional movement patterns, and cardiovascular training along with other general fitness methodologies to maximize your physical potential.

As greater Davie’s top Fitness and Sports Performance program, it’s important to understand what we do at STS and it’s equally as important for you to understand WHY. I personally feel there is a lack of accurate knowledge and understanding of training in the fitness community along with poor and ineffective training programs. Most trainers are only interested in counting reps and do not genuinely care about their clients results.Therefore, STS feels it’s necessary to fill that gap with programs that motivate our clients, create a great gym experience and achieve great results!

Our service is put FIRST because we care about our members and their results; we feel that nobody else does this along with achieving their results. We are in the business of training, but in the business of service and results as well. At STS we treat all of our clients and members like extended family!

This is STS formula: Commitment (to education, results) -> Community (family) -> Care (being transparent with everyone) = Success.

At STS we feel that we have the most effective programs in the area. There isn’t anyone who is more knowledgeable or provides a greater experience than we do. Therefore, if you’re interested in taking your fitness or game to a whole new level or just need to get started on a training program, then we are for you! I invite you to Contact Us and we will get you started right away.- See more at: