Shatter Crash
Shatter Crash is a fast-paced 3D puzzle game set in the infected infrastructure of Nakai Industries. Each corrupted mainframe consists of multiple nodes, each of which is a 3D spherical puzzle board with layers of infection to clear away. Successful circuit combinations strip away infection, revealing the central core and rescuing trapped nanobots. Race against the clock to earn coveted System Programs and then strategically employ them to boost you on your way.
Barry University
Barry University is a private, Catholic university that was founded in 1940 in Miami Shores, Florida, United States, a suburb north of Downtown Miami. It is one of the largest Catholic universities in the Southeast.
Sedley Training Systems
Sedley Training Systems (STS)  is a results oriented fitness and sports performance training program that integrates the latest applications of strength training, functional movement patterns, and cardiovascular training along with other general fitness methodologies to maximize your physical potential.
Zerowatch Gaming
We’re a casual gaming community founded by friends with the goal of making new friends in the different games we play. We’re active in our TS3 server where we connect with each other and find people to play with. We play a wide range of competative and cooperative games, and we encourage each member to promote new games to play and invite their friends to join. “The more, the merrier” is our motto, and the better for our community as a whole.